Worry-Free Sizing

Why you should not worry about sizing, if you are unsure what size to get.

Contact us in Live Chat here on our website, or through sales@laufcycling.com and we'll help you deciding on a size. Based on your size, riding preferences and perhaps your previous bikes.

When you receive your new Lauf bike you'll assemble it (super easy!) and then check the fit by jumping on it in your living room. If the fit feels wrong: You can easily adjust it by moving the stem up/down, or by flipping it.

If you are still unable to find a good riding position, get in touch with us and we'll work it out with you. We can for example:

·      Recommend a replacement stem that'd meet your fit desires, or if that also fails:

·      We'd schedule a pickup of the bike from you, according to our 14 day full refund return policy (once per purchase for "as new" bikes that have not been ridden). In return we'd:

·      Get you your desired size, or:

If that isn't desired, then it looks like Lauf simply wasn't the solution to your life's puzzle. We'd find that hard to believe though and would feel super-sad on your behalf. Missing out on all the adventures you two had coming your way. But hey, sometimes things just don't work out. In this case, we'd refund your purchase in full